HorseFeathers Silk Wrap Bracelet

Here at Starlight Stitches, we are passionate about spreading beauty, joy, and helping others reconnect to what matters most. We also believe that humans respond better to natural materials (such as silk and metal) than synthetic ones. These Silk Wrap Bracelets are the perfect external representation of our passion. These gorgeous bracelets are handcrafted from silk and reclaimed metal and provide a gentle reminder to pay attention to what matters (whatever that is for you). 

Styles Available

For this campaign, we have selected several options of inspirational sayings. Or you can choose to have a custom name or date bracelet made (maximum of 10 characters). Choose the one that speaks to you the most!

  • Inspire 
  • Hope 
  • Think Positive 
  • Believe 
  • Dream 
  • Be The Change 
  • Love 
  • Custom Date 
  • Custom Name 

Silk Colors Available

From the HorseFeathers website

About Silk Wrap Bracelets

"Hand sculpted from reclaimed fine silver and strung on a hand dyed silk. Simply wrap the silk around your wrist several times, tie, tuck in the ends, and you are ready to go!"

"Our silk wrap bracelets are sturdy! The silk stands up to many washes and wears! Our metal pieces are made of recycled metal scraps. We hand sculpt, fire, tumble, oxidize, and polish the design on site to ensure each perfectly imperfect piece is strong enough for every modern women's lifestyle."

About the Company

"Chelsea Farmer, and her mom Tammy Asher, have been best friends from the beginning and in 2009, they harnessed that friendship and turned it into a business partnership, launching HorseFeathers from their hometown in Western Kentucky. From barn sales to style consultations, the HorseFeathers brand quickly came together – exemplifying heirloom quality at everyday cost. What started as a small local shop soon bloomed into a national online brand. At, Tammy and Chelsea sell exclusive, vintage-inspired jewelry, accessories and home goods. Inspired by rural landscape and small town living, the gals of HorseFeathers love to put a little country in every outfit and home. HorseFeathers Gifts has been featured on Fox News, highlighted in OK! Magazine and loved by celebrities across the nation!"

HorseFeathers is Eco-Friendly

"HorseFeathers is an eco-friendly company. Taking care of our planet and our people goes hand in hand. It’s always come naturally to us. From committing to fair trade supply partners to recycling throughout the studio, we are committed to using resources fairly and wisely so we can enjoy the beauty around us for years to come. With every purchase, we give to the Arbor Day Foundation to return trees destroyed by insects, disease and wildfires to the lands as well as the ASPCA , The Arrow Project, and Upward Dog Rescue.

With few exceptions, our metal components and chain are fashioned using recycled silver, brass and other metals. Many of our findings are created in our own studio using PMC. PMC (precious metal clay) is amazing stuff! Particles of earth-friendly reclaimed pure silver are mixed with an organic binder which burns away during firing. The finished item is 99.9% pure silver. (Sterling is .925, or 92.5% silver) All of our designs are crafted by hand in our cozy Western Kentucky studio."

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