Referral Contest

We are holding a MEGA giveaway for this campaign! The grand prize is an Ultimate Set valued at over $600 or $300 CASH (your choice)! Here is how to win:

Tell people about our campaign. Share the links (you must be logged into Indiegogo) with your friends, family, co-workers, associates, school mates, colleagues, neighbors, gas station attendant, mail person, people who want to have kids, people who already have kids, your kids, anyone! If people click your link, you get points. If the people you refer actually contribute to the campaign, you will earn more points. If you get a popular blogger, magazine, television show, or news service to talk about our campaign, you will get a TON of points. At the end of the campaign, the person with the most points wins (throughout the course of the campaign, we may add more prizes to the line-up).

Point Values

  • 1 point for every person who clicks your referral link 
  • 1 point for every $1 that is contributed through your link
  • 500 points for every major popular blogger, magazine, or local news station who shares our story based on your referral
  • 1000 points for every major national news or television program who shares our story based on your referral

How to Share

In order for your points to be tracked, you MUST be logged into your account  when you use the Share Tools. While you are logged in, you can also copy and paste the campaign URL that displays in your browser's address bar.

Any user who does not have an Indiegogo account can still have their referrals tracked once they've contributed to the campaign. You will be presented with a special URL immediately after contributing (on the completed contribution landing page, under "Spread the word!) that you can copy and share with your network.


How will you track referrals?

We will track the clicks from your referral links and their contributions using the Indiegogo analysis tool. For the pick-ups by bloggers, new services, or television shows, you will need to send us PROOF.

Who counts as a popular blogger?

For this purpose, we consider a blogger popular if they show up on a current "top blogs list" such as Cision's Top 50 Mom Blogs.

What if I made a referral but was not logged in when I used the Share Tool?

We really appreciate your support but unfortunately we cannot honor referrals that are not tracked through Indiegogo (except for the major blog, news service, magazine pick-ups). You MUST be logged into Indiegogo to use the share tools or get your unique referral URL.

I think I have found a way to trick the system.

We will NOT tolerate cheating of any kind! If you are found to be using robots, click services, or any other type of method to skew the contest, you will be immediately DISQUALIFIED.

I have a question that is not addressed here.

Please contact us with ANY questions!

I am ready to refer! Where do I go?

Click here to be taken to the campaign page to start referring!

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