Unsponges by Nature Junkie


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Unsponges from Nature Junkie

Unsponges are a 5"x3" reusable sponge made from cotton and polyester materials. These reusable sponges are washing machine and dryer safe! Unsponges are great for:
  • Cleaning up messy spills 
  • Wiping down counters 
  • Washing that dreaded pile of dishes 
  • Washcloths for bath and shower time 
  • Freezing and using as ice packs or teethers 

Pop it in with your laundry and out comes a clean, like new sponge. The Unsponge, a sponge that just keeps giving!

About the Company

Nature Junkie is a Michigan based, homemade business that specializes in eco-friendly and unique kitchen items. Nature Junkie is ran and operated by Kristin from Clinton Township. Kristin started Nature Junkie while she was pregnancy with her son in June 2012. Nature Junkie originally started with selling back items but decided to switch gears in November of 2012. With a new baby and Kristin's eco-friendly beliefs, she started making kitchen items that were not only reusable but put money back into your wallet. Today, Nature Junkie has sold hundreds of reusable products and is making a positive impact on the environment.

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