Our "Collaborative Line" of Products

As we are expanding, we have decided to have some of our products produced out of house. These products make up our "Collaborative Line".

Don't worry! They are still handmade, here in Albuquerque, NM, with as much love and attention to detail as the rest of our products. At this point in time, we just do not have the space or equipment to create all of the products that we want to ourselves but we have selected the most AMAZING company to partner with. They share our values, ethics, and passions.

About the Company We Have Partnered With

The company behind our Collaborative Line is full of amazing women! This company actually cares more about their employees than making a profit- something very rare in this economy. These workers are mostly made up of women looking to better their lives and support their families. Fortunately, this company's focus is helping their employees make better lives for themselves, their families, and for their children. With daycare on site, women can make a living and know that their children her being taken care, fed, and educated. Not only do the children get educated, but there are computers available for the workers so they can receive their GED and take citizenship classes. This company is completely nonprofit and while they used to rely on grants, the company is now fully funded by its revenue.

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