Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What is Crowdfunding?

If you are not familiar with crowdfunding, you may be a bit confused about what it is we are doing here. I know that I sure was when I came across my first crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding is basically just fundraising. In a time where it is nearly impossible to obtain traditional bank financing, crowdfunding is a new method for small businesses, artists, bands, and charities to obtain the finances they need to jump start their project, whatever that may be.

There are four types of crowdfunding:
  • Reward-based  
  • Equity-based
  • Donation-based
  • Credit-based
The crowdfunding campaign that we are running is Reward-based (you can read about the other types here). What this means is that we are offering products ("perks") in exchange for "contributions". We have spent months developing an incredible line of products (such as this one)  that we believe you will love! Indiegogo is the online platform that we have chosen to hold our crowd-funding campaign. 

Essentially, we are running a big pre-order of some really amazing products that you cannot get elsewhere.

We have been asked, "Why are you, a business, asking for "donations"?". The simple answer is that we are NOT asking for donations. While there is the option to leave a donation and we would greatly appreciate any that we receive, our goal here is to spread the word about our innovative business model, sell some really cool products, and generate the revenue grow our little seedling of a business!

Ready to help us grow? 

Click HERE to see our incredible line of "Perks"

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