Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet Rebecca and Mandie

Rebecca and daughters

Mandie and daughter

*What does working at Starlight Stitches mean to you?

Rebecca: Working at Starlight Stitches is such an amazing opportunity for our family . It allows me to be able to make some much needed extra income while still being able to stay with my children, which is so important to me. I get to keep my baby close in a sling and my 2 year old gets to socialize and learn new things in the room next to me while I work.

Mandie: It means being able to contribute to my family's income while working a job that I'm genuinely interested in and enjoy, not to mention learning new creative skills.

*What is your creative method or medium of choice?

Rebecca: I love to sew and especially like to hand sew the finishing touches on products. It is relaxing to me . I am also great at packaging items and making them look pretty.

 Mandie: I love all things textile. Sewing is typically my go-to, but I occasionally knit, too.

*What is your favorite thing about being a parent?

Rebecca: My favorite part about parenting is nursing my babies and co-sleeping . Nursing my babies creates such a strong, nurturing bond between us and there is also nothing like snuggling with a sleeping baby or child.

Mandie: Watching my daughter develop and grow so quickly before my eyes has been such a treat! It's amazing to me all of the things she's learned in her short life so far!

*What is your most embarrassing moment (that you're willing to admit to us)?

Rebecca: Well, having Mommy brain like I am right now because I cannot think of a really embarrassing moment. I have lots all the time now a days after having 3 kids!

Mandie: The amount of times that I've explained to someone that I have Mom Brain and have to try to describe the word that I'm thinking of, but can't actually remember the name of. It's so ridiculous.

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