Monday, August 4, 2014

Fancy (under)Pants

Here at Starlight Stitches, we pride ourselves on our unique and original fitted diapers. You're sure to find something amongst the variety of pattern choices that suits your fancy!

  • knit or woven outer
  • hidden layer of moisture-resistant polyester fleece
  • soft and cuddly cotton velour inner (highest quality on the market)
  • petal style soaker with 5 layers of super absorbent Organic hemp and Tencel that is topped with cotton velour

  • We have chosen a combination of three different fabrics that work together for ultimate absorption)
    the two contoured, petal style soakers snap together/apart for better cleaning and drying time
  • Crossover snaps on both wings to accommodate left and right-handed people
The hidden layer of polyester fleece makes this diaper moisture resistant and is intended to be worn cover-less; however, it will require a cover to be truly waterproof. Most people use them cover-less for several hours.

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