Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Meet Jessica and Alyx

Jessica & daughter

Alyx & son

Hello there! I'm so happy to get to introduce you all to our staff, so you can put a face with the names of our employees. I'll be sharing a few introductions at a time and will hopefully have everyone posted by next week, so be sure to check back often!
First up, we have Jessica & Alyx.

*What does working at Starlight Stitches mean to you?

Jessica: Working at Starlight Stitches gives me the chance to contribute to a cause I believe in with a bunch of cool creative moms. I like that it is an opportunity for my daughter to connect with a group of awesome kids in a healthy environment to play and explore.

Alyx: Working at Starlight Stitches means to me that I can work alongside my son without the worry about leaving my young child at a daycare. I can take a break and feed him when he is hungry. I can wear him when he needs comfort or a nap. Or I can let him play next to me if he wants to play. Working here has allowed me to be both a mom and a worker at the same time. It allows me an easy transition for him into a daycare possibly later on down the road. It allows him to learn to play and socialize with other children while still having mommy close for when he needs me. And it allows me to get back into crafts and sewing while making things for other moms.

 *What is your creative method or medium of choice?

Jessica: This is always evolving! Lately I've been making birthday hats out of paper bags with felt flowers and glitter for my daughter’s 1st birthday.

Alyx: My creativity flows through dance for me. I have been a Lindy Hop swing dancer since about 2009, and it's something I've done religiously for the past several years. I have traveled around the country to dance events and have Lindy Hop friends from around the world. While pregnant, I went out dancing once or twice a week the whole time, and would feel my son dance and kick inside me as Fats Waller, Django Reindhart, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, and Cab Calloway played on and on. I love the social and "loose" aspect of Lindy Hop and that you don't have to be a professional dancer to do it.

 *What is your favorite thing about being a parent?

Jessica: Watching her grow as she figures little things out, and her sweet smiles and songs.

 Alyx: My favorite part of being a parent is the way my son looks at me with his eyes full of overwhelming unconditional love. Here is the tiny human who I grew inside me and I mean the world to him!

 *What is your most embarrassing moment (that you're willing to admit to us)?

Jessica: I do things all the time, it’s too hard to choose!

Alyx: My most embarrassing moment would have been worthy of viral video status if it was caught on tape. I was a wedding photographer for 3 years and I was once photographing a wedding at a vineyard here in Albuquerque. It was after the ceremony when I was taking formal shots of the bride with bridesmaids and family, and the rest of the guests were off to the side having hors d'oeuvres watching the fury that happens of trying the quickly put together group shots. I had just helped organize a family group shot as I hurriedly backed up while looking down changing my settings on the camera. But I had forgotten that there was a low-to-the-ground fountain behind me. Yep! I tripped my heel on it backing in and I, along with both my cameras, fell completely into the fountain that was about a foot or more deep in front of all the guests and a horrified bride and groom. Thankfully, no photos were damaged as I was super quick to shut off power and not attempt to use the memory cards until a few days later and they were dried off. But it put a kink in photos for the rest of the day as I used only my drier camera. I don't think I had ever apologized as much as I had that day.

Thanks so much ladies! It's so good to get to know you!

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