Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Meet Elizabeth and Kayde

Elizabeth and daughter

Kayde and daughters

*What does working at Starlight Stitches mean to you?

 Elizabeth: Working at starlight stitches means I get to sew, socialize, and bring my babies with me! It's the best! 

Kayde: Working at Starlight Stitches not only allows me to bring in some extra income to my family while keeping my babies nearby, it also allows me to have the honor of supporting an incredibly ethical, revolutionary business model with my own abilities. I am so excited to help this business succeed and hopefully be an inspiration for others. Also, the products made by Starlight Stitches are freaking adorable!

*What is your creative method or medium of choice?

 Elizabeth: I am 100% a seamstress! Been sewing my whole life, although I love anything crafty:)

 Kayde: I love to crochet, sew, saw, hammer, paint, hot glue, whatever i can use to create with what I've got. I love to upcycle and make use of everything at my disposal. I make a lot of dolls at home and really enjoy giving them to my girls.

*What is your favorite thing about being a parent?

Elizabeth: The morning smiles and good night kisses:)

Kayde: My favorite part if parenthood is the connection I have built with the most amazing two humans I have ever met. I love getting to know them more everyday and helping them explore the world. Everything is more magical through their eyes. They teach me so much every day.

*What is your most embarrassing moment (that you're willing to admit to us)?

Elizabeth:When my first Noah was a newborn, I got my face too close to his bottom while checking my cleaning ability and got pooped on in the face.. Then I screamed bloody murder and terrified my newbie.

Kayde: I am a huge clutz and am constantly falling in some loud and visible way. I am not easily embarrassed, though, and often embarrass others with my overshares on bodily functions. I definitely get embarrassed by compliments, though, and turn into a stammering, red faced mess.

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